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Who We Are

Who We Are

Our culture is based on collaboration and innovation. We provide innovative solutions by leaning into our diverse workforce. This creates truly unique and cutting edge solutions for our clients. We cherish a sense of belonging. We make certain that every team member feels valued, heard, and empowered. By fostering this culture, we maintain an atmosphere where creativity thrives, and challenges are transformed into opportunities. Continuous learning isn't just encouraged, it's a way of life at Marketeq. You will be supported in your career growth and development as you strive towards excellence. 

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We Believe

We believe in the potential of people and technology. We trust in the transformative power of innovation. Every solution we deliver is backed by cutting edge and tested strategies. We believe that the opportunities we offer our people will redefine the IT Consulting industry and create new standards.

We Inspire

Every day we strive to inspire and be inspired. Challenging projects, continuous learning, and a shared culture of creativity fuel our collective passion, driving innovation forward. The synergy between our teams and our client’s creates an environment that attracts those seeking true growth and impactful collaboration.

We Grow

Our growth is driven by our dedicated team. We ensure that our team members grow along with the company by amplifying their skills and broadening their horizons. In our quest for expansion, we focus on holistic development, ensuring every stakeholder thrives.

Life At Marketeq

Life At Marketeq

At Marketeq, every day unfolds as a blend of innovation, collaboration, and boundless opportunities. Our inclusive environment fosters personal growth and professional evolution. Making life here both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

Our Values

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do at Marketeq. These principles define our business approach in all we do.


Pioneering change, we continually redefine the standards of our industry.


Every decision and action is deeply rooted in unwavering trust and unyielding integrity.


Our teamwork helps propel us towards unparalleled achievements.


Our results are the tangible outcomes we deliver for our clients.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion at Marketeq goes beyond just numbers; it's about creating a culture where everyone feels genuinely welcomed and empowered. We believe that by fostering such an environment, we uplift our team, and drive innovation and excellence at every turn. We recognize that each individual brings a unique perspective. Our commitment to diversity ensures that we have a mix of experiences, in an environment where every voice is heard and valued. The results are innovation and growth for our team member, clients, and the company.

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Our Teams

Our teams stand as a testament to our collective passion, expertise, and dedication. This drives the innovation that defines our legacy.

Our Teams

Engineering Team

Our engineering team, consisting of software engineers, hardware specialists, and system architects, is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining robust and efficient solutions. They collaborate on coding, testing, debugging, and optimizing software applications and systems.

Marketing Team

Our marketing team crafts compelling narratives, designs eye-catching campaigns, and analyzes market trends. They drive user acquisition, retention, and brand loyalty, and work closely with our product team to align messaging and positioning with product launches.

Product Team

Our product team defines product roadmaps, prioritizes features, and ensures alignment with our business goals. They gather user feedback, conduct market research, and iterate on product features, collaborating with our engineering, marketing, and legal teams for successful product development and launch.

Legal & Finance Team

Our legal team handles contracts, compliance, and intellectual property matters, while our finance teams manage budgets, financial planning, and reporting. They work closely with our accounts and management teams to ensure financial stability.

Account Team

Our account team handles financial transactions, invoicing, and client billing, and maintains accurate records. Our account managers build strong client relationships, address inquiries, and ensure client satisfaction.

Management Team

Our management team provides strategic direction and oversees our company operations. Our executives, such as CEOs and COOs, lead our management teams and collaborate with all other teams to achieve our organizational objectives.

As a Senior IT Consultant, I’ve found this firm to be a hub of innovation and collaboration. Our culture, built on trust and learning, pushes us beyond the conventional. It’s not just the projects, but the camaraderie and shared passion that set us apart. I’m proud to be part of this team shaping the digital future.

Opportunities at Marketeq

Explore a spectrum of opportunities tailored to match every step of your career progression, ensuring a fit for each unique ambition and level of expertise.


Students have the opportunity to engage in internships and projects, gaining practical insights and experiences from seasoned professionals. These initiatives help students transition smoothly into full-time roles upon graduation.


New graduates and entry-level candidates can participate in our specialized training programs and work on foundational projects under the mentorship of experienced team members. These roles ensure a growth trajectory for long-term success in the tech realm.


Mid-level professionals and consultants at Marketeq can work on niche projects that align with their expertise. They have opportunities for client-facing consultations, cross-functional team collaborations, and participation in innovation labs.


Consultants connect innovative solutions to real-world business challenges, designing strategies and driving digital transformations. We prioritize continuous learning, ensuring consultants are always ahead in the tech curve.


Those in Management or stepping into management have leadership roles overseeing project teams and driving operational strategies. Our management training programs and workshops amplify their leadership potential.


At the executive tier, leaders shape Marketeq’s strategies, forge industry partnerships, and influence company-wide decisions. They play a vital role in ensuring sustained growth, innovation, and market leadership.

Recruitment Process

Embark on a transparent and streamlined experience as you discover what it takes to join the Marketeq Team. Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that our team and the client's team find the perfect fit every time. Our process is transparent and easy to navigate.



Kick-off the process with Marketeq by submitting your application, outlining your qualifications, experience, and aspirations. This initial step provides us with an overview of your professional background, ensuring we align potential roles with your expertise and career goals.


Recruiter Screening

Once your application is reviewed and it fits our openings, you'll engage in a conversation with one of our dedicated recruiters. This preliminary discussion delves deeper into your experiences, aspirations, and potential fit within our organization, ensuring we’re both aligned in terms of expectations and opportunities.



Selected candidates move on to the assessment phase, designed to gauge specific skills and problem-solving abilities. Depending on the role, this could involve aptitude tests, simulations, or task-based evaluations, providing us with insights into your practical capabilities.


Technical Interviews

The technical interviews are where your expertise comes to the forefront. Led by specialists in your selected field, this phase zeroes in on your in-depth knowledge, real-world experience, technical proficiency, and problem-solving abilities relevant to the specific job role.



Once you've successfully navigated the previous stages, it's time for the exciting part: the job offer. We'll present you with a detailed outline of your role, responsibilities, and the comprehensive benefits package, marking the beginning of your promising journey with Marketeq.


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